Source: Ramon Tomey

We normally avoid anecdotal evidence from individuals when the accusations are as hideous as this one. But Dr. James Thorpe is not only respected, but he’s also someone who gains absolutely nothing from spreading the truth. This is important because all too often people will make outrageous claims to garner headlines and ask for support. Dr. Thorpe is the opposite. He’s sticking his neck out to reveal the truth about what medical boards across the country and around the world are doing to honest doctors.

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It was easy for Big Pharma to get governments, corporate media, Big Tech, and academia to play along with their money-printing Covid-19 “vaccine” agenda. They just had to grease the right palms. But doctors and nurses are generally more difficult to bribe or blackmail. They must be bullied, threatened with expulsion from their own life’s endeavors in order to get them to stay quiet about the inefficacy and health risks associated with the jabs. This is why Big Pharma went to the people in charge — hospital executives and leaders in medical boards — to help coerce doctors and nurses into either promoting the vaccines or keeping their mouths shut if they were opposed to them.

The article below by Ramon Tomey and the video on BrighteonTV must be read and watched. The biggest argument vaxx-nannies make is that their doctors tell them the vaccines are safe and effective. “Trust the science,” they’ll say. They might even have a healthy distrust of government, media, and other Big Pharma minions, but they have a harder time believing their doctors are lying to them. Demonstrating to these skeptics that doctors who speak out are excommunicated from their profession can go a long way towards helping people realize the Covid con is real and the universal vaccine agenda is NOT based on science at all.

Here’s Ramon, Dr. Thorpe, and attorney Thomas Renz…