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Dr. Peter McCullough is not only America’s leading cardiologist but he is also our nation’s leading COVID-19 expert and one of the most outspoken critics of the risks of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Now Dr. McCullough is speaking out after the news of a severe medical event that has left famed actor Jamie Foxx in serious condition.

On May 30, celebrated New York gossip columnist, A.J. Benza, told Dr. Drew that—according to a hospital informant—Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke after being compelled to receive the COVID-19 shot in order to remain on the cast of Back in Action.

Jamie Foxx is not only a much-loved public figure, he was also, at the age of 55, in excellent physical condition just prior to being rushed to the hospital. 

About a year ago, Mr. Foxx told Dr. McCullough that he had profound misgivings about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Dr. McCullough wrote this week about his conversations with Foxx about the vaccine and about his concern for Foxx’s future,

As a public figure and practicing doctor, I get calls and questions from patients and family members every day all over the world. Without engaging in a doctor-patient relationship in the clinic or hospital, I cannot make a diagnosis, or give direct medical advice or care. However, I can help audiences develop an interpretive framework in public commentary.

I was asked by Dan Ball on Real America, about the condition of beloved actor Jamie Foxx. I had met Foxx in 2021 and we had a personal conversation about the COVID-19 vaccines. While that remains confidential, I can tell you I am concerned that if indeed he has suffered a stroke or intracranial hemorrhage, the long-term prognosis may not be good.

Spike protein is an issue whether you are vaccinated or not, but if you are vaccinated then spike protein is an even more concerning issue.

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