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Dr. Peter McCullough is not only America’s leading cardiologist, but he is also our foremost COVID-19 expert. Now that we have several years of COVID data under our belt, Dr. McCullough is exposing the truths about the disease that the FDA and CDC have suppressed.

One of those truths is around “post-COVID syndrome,” or “Long-COVID,” where people report symptoms of the virus weeks or months after infection. Take note: while severe cases make the headlines, it is suspected that many more people have small lingering symptoms that can be traced back to an initial infection. Indeed, Dr. McCullough reports:

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Approximately half of patients hospitalized mainly in 2020 and 2021 with acute COVID-19 had post-COVID symptoms for weeks afterward… It is reassuring to patients suffering with post-COVID or “long-COVID” that it is not all in their heads, the pathophysiology is pointing to persistence of Spike protein in the blood which is pathogenic and likely driving tissue/organ injury with associated symptoms. Because COVID-19 mRNA vaccines further load the body with genetic code and more Spike protein, it is likely that vaccination worsens post-COVID syndromes despite raising antibodies against the Spike protein. I have not found claims that vaccination reduces long-COVID syndromes valid in bias papers that are pushing vaccines.” 

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