Cabaret company behind BDSM-themed events for babies also scrubbed its website and social media presence.

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The UK cabaret company behind drag queen events aimed at infants has reportedly canceled future shows after receiving fierce public backlash in the wake of a recent performance that was recorded.

Footage of the last event, organized by Caba Baba Rave, showed men dressed in drag outfits performing lewd and suggestive acts in front of children.

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Organizers of the group said in an email that they have canceled shows due to online “trolling” but suggested they will return after the controversy blows over.

From the Daily Mail:

As the backlash continues, the pair have cancelled a sold out show in Waterloo, London but the organisers insist it was aimed at parents sick of ‘the f****** Wheels on the Bus’, not babies and children.

In an email to those who bought a £23.50 ticket, the organisers Gemma Daubney, 38, and Liz West, 37, said: ‘We just wanted to say a huge thank you for buying a ticket for one of our upcoming events. Your support means the world to us. 

Blaming online ‘trolling’ and the media – without touching on the many critical parents, they went on ‘Sadly we have made the very hard decision to cancel out upcoming show. 

‘We think a small breather for our mental health is the right thing to do. We aren’t a large company set up for this kind of attack – just two mums trying to spread some joy and love. 

After confirming everyone will get a refund, the organisers said: ‘Not goodbye forever – but just for now’. 

The group’s Instagram and Facebook have been removed after the public outcry.

The group’s website, which has also been taken down, said, “We wanted to create the type of event we ourselves as Mums would want to go to. There are only so many times you can listen to the f**king Wheels on the Bus. We wanted to give parents the experience of a ‘big London night out’…cabaret, drinks, and dancing…but one you can bring your baby to and still be home for bedtime.”

Fortunately in America, 15 states are considering legislation to bar children from attending adult-themed drag events, which have become a frequent occurrence over the last several years.

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