Source: WION Web Team

A quick cup of coffee or tea is something that we all crave when things get too overwhelming or when we feel sleepy. A few sips and we are ready to tackle life again. But according to a new study, drinking coffee or tea may protect you from stroke and dementia.

The study is carried out by researchers from Tianjin Medical University in China. The study is being called one of its own kind due to the large number of people involved.

365,000 people between the ages 50 and 74 were observed for more than a decade. The participants reported how much tea or coffee they drank at the start of the study.

As the research went on, it was observed that 5,079 of the participants developed dementia. 10,053 of the participants had at least one stroke.

But there were people with a lower risk of dementia and stroke. Researchers found those who had two to three cups of coffee or three to five cups of tea a day, or a combination of four to six cups of coffee and tea had the lowest risk.

Moreover, those who had two to three cups of coffee and two to three cups of tea daily had  32% lower risk of stroke and 28 percent lower risk of dementia than those who did not drink tea or coffee.

The research has been published in the journal PLOS Medicine.