Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A driver ploughed into BLM protesters at high speed last night in the Uptown area of Minneapolis before being dragged from his vehicle and beaten by a mob.

The incident, which the driver pleaded that “did not mean to” do, left one woman dead and another in hospital in critical condition.

From the Daily Mail;

At around 11.40pm on Sunday, the driver sped into this area of Lake Street and S. Girard Avenue.

Footage captured by a protester shows the driver being held in a choke hold on the road as blood pours down his forehead.

The person filming shouts: ‘This n**** just came through 100 miles an hour, smashed this car and he just f***ing killed her.’

The driver begged for the police while insisting that he did not mean to plough into the demonstrators.

“You’re going down boy, you’re going down, it’s over. You bitch,” states the cameraman.

After a few minutes the police arrive and take the driver away in handcuffs. Authorities have yet to state whether the incident was a deliberate attack or what the motive was.

The BLM mob is still demonstrating over the police shooting of 32-year-old Winston Smith, who was killed after he pulled a gun and allegedly fired on US Marshals who were trying to arrest him.

Smith was wanted on a federal warrant and has been arrested at least 20 times since 2007.

In other words, just another poor unarmed innocent black man brutally gunned down by racist police.

As we highlighted last week, one of the demonstrators betrayed his complete ignorance by forgetting the name of the person he was even supposed to be rioting for.