Posted BY Linda R. Killian

A mere six months ago, 2022 Republican victories in Democrat-controlled New York State looked unlikely. Less than a month before the November 8 election, polling indicates that voters will probably elect their first Republican governor in 30 years with Lee Zeldin. Several congressional races are competitive along the 200-mile corridor running up the Hudson River from Yonkers to Albany and in districts running east from the Queens border to Montauk on Long Island.

Should the current Republican momentum continue through election day, up to a dozen Republicans could comprise the state’s downsized 26-member Congressional delegation, compared to eight Republicans in the current 27-member crew.

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How could this be happening in a state with Democrat supermajorities in the legislature and incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul has raised a massive $46 million in campaign funds? The answer is the hubris of Democrats after nearly a decade of one-party rule.

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