Source: Andrew C. McCarthy

Let’s give the Clintons their due: They’ve always had a sense of humor.

They’d have to. It would be impossible to survive without one given the messes they’ve gotten themselves into, and out of, lo these 30 years. And now, with yet another special counsel hovering, and apparently close to concluding that the Hillary Clinton campaign pulled off one of the great political dirty tricks of all time, it’s like we’re right back in the Nineties, wondering what the definition of is is.

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The is of the moment is the attorney–client privilege. It had to happen eventually. The Clintons are Yale-educated lawyers, with Hillary having made her bones as a young Hill staffer in the Democrats’ no-holds-barred Watergate investigation.

As masters of creating and surviving scandal, the Clintons’ MO has always been a rule of lawlessness amid a ubiquity of attorneys. Mafia dons do this too: Make sure to have Family counsel at all the meetings where the nasty stuff gets planned, so when the FBI comes snooping around, you can start blathering about the Sixth Amendment and the sacred right to $1,000/hour confidentiality. Indeed, when the FBI did come calling about her home-brew email-server escapade, Mrs. Clinton even managed to talk the bureau’s complaisant higher-ups into letting her bring her suspected co-conspirators along for her interview by the case agents — after all, they were lawyers!