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The leader of the insurgent pro-farmer party that shook the foundations of Dutch politics said that she believes the coalition government is not on firm ground and that she expects elections within the year.

Following her first meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte after last week’s shock elections, Farmer–Citizen Movement (BBB) leader Caroline van der Plas, said: “I feel that Rutte has listened. Whether he also heard what I said, we’ll see.”

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The plain-speaking half-Irish former journalist turned political insurgent said that the four-party coalition forming Rutte’s government, which saw their seats in the 75-member senate fall from 32 to 22, is likely to break apart, the Rotterdam-based newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported.

Indeed, CDA leader and cabinet member Wopke Hoekstra has already signally a potential break from the government on the controversial EU-driven nitrogen fertilizer reforms that spurred the BBB party to victory last week.

Van Der Plas said: “I expect the situation to simply become unsustainable within the coalition and that there will be new elections before the end of the year.”

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