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(Natural News) The march of tyranny is upon us. You see it every day in the covid lockdowns, vaccine propaganda, government-sponsored censorship, and banking/finance restrictions on what you’re allowed to do with your own money.

The shocking truth, however, is that it’s going to get far, far worse if we don’t stop the march of tyranny that’s accelerating all around us.

In today’s analysis, I detail 10 unbelievable things that are sure to take place if we don’t stop the march of tyranny and take back our privacy, our dignity, and our future.

Humanity now faces a critical choice: We either choose the path of total enslavement under an authoritarian, techno-fascist dictatorship, or we choose to instead embrace decentralized finance, free speech, rationality, and the rule of law.

Here’s my list of 10 unbelievable things that will occur if we don’t stop the tyranny, with the mildest outcomes at the top of the list and the most nightmarish outcomes near the bottom of this list.

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Ten nightmarish outcomes if we don’t turn back tyranny

1) All cryptocurrency, gold, and silver will be outlawed. All financial transactions will have to go through centralized control systems run by the regime, including CBDCs. You will be required to participate in a CBDC to pay taxes, buy food and receive a UBI (Universal Basic Income). All your purchases will be monitored and restricted, if necessary, to shape your behavior.

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