Posted BY: OAN’s Noah Herring

E. Jean Carroll is demanding new monetary damages against Former President Donald Trump. On Monday, Carrol filed court documents seeking at least $10 million from Trump in damages because of his comments about being liable for sexual abuse and defamation made on CNN’s Townhall. 

Carroll’s lawyers have asked a Manhattan federal court judge for permission to amend the first defamation lawsuit she filed against Trump in 2019 to focus on his new statements made about her, which they believe is defamatory. 

Carroll alleged that Trump had raped her in the Bergdorf Goodman department store in the 1990s. The jury ruled in favor of Carroll for sexual abuse but did not find evidence that Trump had raped her. 

Trump has denied all claims that Carroll has brought against him and appealed the jury’s judgment.

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During CNN’s Townhall, Trump defended himself saying, “They said, ‘He didn’t rape her’ And I didn’t do anything else either.” 

“I have no idea who this woman – this is a fake story, made up story,” Trump said, calling Carroll a “whack job.”

The 45th president has additionally taken to Truth Social many times to deny the allegations.

Trump has filed an appeal in Carroll’s case against him calling the case a “Rigged Deal.”