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(Natural News) A new assessment by independent researchers has determined that the air quality in East Palestine contains “unusually high” levels of toxic chemicals, including dioxins and a choking agent that was used during World War I.

Contradicting an earlier report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declaring East Palestine air to be safe, the new report from researchers at Texas A&M University and Carnegie Mellon University identified “higher than normal” concentrations of at least nine potentially harmful chemicals:

– Acrolein
– Benzene
– Vinyl chloride
– Butadiene
– Naphthalene
– O-xylene
– Trichloroethylene
– Trichloroethane
– P-xylene

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Many are describing this toxic plume as “Ohio’s Chernobyl,” and for good reason: these chemicals in isolation, let alone in the aggregate, are linked to cancer and a host of other serious health problems. (Related: The dioxin plume created during the controlled explosion in East Palestine is believed to be the largest ever.)

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