Globalists trying to shift food consumption away from beef and pork as part of plot to deindustrialize and collapse the First World


The World Economic Forum released another Great Reset public service announcement over the weekend reminding the masses that they will soon eat bugs in the name of saving the Earth.

The WEF released the ad Sunday explaining all the ways bugs can be used in its vision of the future they call the Great Reset.

Everything from maggots to black soldier flies will soon be used for biotech, industry, sustainable waste management — and of course, food.

“Insect farming is set to play a growing role in our lives — especially in our diets,” the WEF states.

“They are rich in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, and can be farmed at scale with minimal footprint.”

As we’ve reported, the establishment is preparing industrialized nations to accept eating bugs instead of red meat as part of its utopian Great Reset agenda.

Just last week, TIME magazine published an op-ed complaining that humans need to switch to eating bugs to fight climate change.

But it’s not just the bugs: the WEF, founded by globalist Klaus Schwab, said humans must also eventually drink sewage water and eat weeds as part of their normal diet.