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With the continued push to move people towards ever more plant-based diets, it’s important to recognize that meat is essential for our health and well-being.  A special issue of Animal Frontiers published last month did just that. 

The societal debate around the value of meat is neither new nor has it been dispassionate. So, Animal Frontiers set out to answer the question: Should eating meat in sufficient portions be a common and important part of the standard human diet?  To do so, they invited a broad group of leading international scientists to give their interpretations of the current scientific evidence.

Thirty-six co-authors, and many more unnamed researchers who provided the groundwork for evidence and insights, contributed to the special issue.  It includes several reports and studies supporting the nutritional value of animal foods for humans. Although the issue covers other related topics, below is a brief description of the articles which discuss the nutritional aspects of meat. For ease of reference, we have used as our subtitles the article titles as shown in Animal Frontiers.  You can view a list of all the articles HERE and read an introduction, which has a synopsis of each article, HERE.

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