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The Biden-McCarthy-Schumer era has begun, which means your wealth or retirement is in jeopardy. The smart money is getting physical precious metals sent straight to their door and rolling over their retirement to self-directed IRAs.

The recent surge in “After School Satan Clubs” popping up in public school districts across the country has sparked outrage among conservative and Christian parents. As a result, corporate media is doing whatever it can to make the demonic indoctrination groups seem harmless and even beneficial.

An article over at KOIN, Portland’s CBS affiliate, positioned the actions of The Satanic Temple in the most positive light imaginable. I discussed this for an upcoming episode of The JD Rucker Show.

According to the news outlet, there’s nothing to worry about because The Satanic Temple isn’t really about Satan. It’s just an advocacy group:

First, some background: The club is a project of The Satanic Temple (TST), which, despite its name, doesn’t worship the Biblical figure — or even believe Satan exists. Instead, TST says Satan is a literary figure representing “rejecting tyranny over the human mind and spirit.”

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