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The mayor of El Paso declared a state of emergency on Saturday, citing a surge in the numbers of illegal aliens in the city’s streets and an expected influx of more to come across the Southern border as the Title 42 border policy is set to end by Dec. 21.

El Paso is a Democrat stronghold in Texas located on the U.S. border with Mexico. It has a history of welcoming immigrants but struggled in recent months to deal with tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossing the southern border into the United States.

Mayor Oscar Leeser, a Democrat, said the emergency measures will allow the city to have more resources and authority to shelter those who have crossed the southern border, and that this is expected to become more necessary with the Title 42 policy’s ending on Dec. 21, reported the El Paso Times.

He said he was prompted to consider issuing the state of emergency declaration after seeing scores of illegal aliens, who have been released into the city, sleeping in downtown streets in freezing temperatures Friday night. Leeser said he decided to declare a state of emergency after conference calls with federal, state, and municipal officials.

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