Posted BY: Jay Valentine

There is nothing so unnerving as government-initiated election fraud, perpetrated by both political parties, hiding in plain sight.  This is the world we live in — the one Republicans are about to encounter.

The most basic ingredient for industrial-scale voter fraud is the voter roll, fat with phantom names and addresses.  Someone may be able to transport 250,000 paper ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, leave the truck in the parking lot, and find it gone when he returns.

Those ballots are useless paper if not tied to an identity at a real address.

The hard part is creating people and addresses — it is an industrial-scale operation.

Just think how hard it would be for you and your pals to create 250,000 fake names and tie each to a real address. 

You need to create those voters — the way the pros do — which leaves out the Republicans.  Make it government work. 

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Here’s how it’s done.

Arizona, a state with a Republican governor and Republican legislature at the time, has a nice little law to help out.  Go look this baby up.  Basically, it says, hey, all you “non-partisan” NGOs (non-governmental agencies), want to register voters?  Heres a portal to do it.  Just log on, enter at least 1,000 new voters, and you are good to go.

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