Posted BY: Joseph Archer

I have to say that there is something irrefutably suspicious that ‘our’ side doesn’t have enough intelligence to do the obvious and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that massive election fraud took place in the 2020 election. So probable in fact, that I doubt any jury would rule against the evidence. So, in that, any actual election data remains, How can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the election was stolen? Well, it is pretty simple actually. You just do a scientifically unassailable poll and ask people who they voted for.

All you have to do is take the list of registered voters for a dozen of the most critical counties like Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Las Vegas and put them in a database. Then, you use a random number generator to throw out 1000 numbers and call those voters and ask them, “did they vote?” and if so “Who did they vote for?”. And you want to clarify that you are doing this to investigate voter fraud and that if they admit to voting for Trump, they will not have their door kicked in by the FBI. And this is important so that Trump voters don’t lie to protect themselves from our government. You don’t have to worry about Biden voters as they have no fear in telling you they voted for Biden and they would never lie in Trump’s favor.

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There is no doubt your scientifically valid results would show a huge discrepancy between your poll results and the official results. But the best part is that this discrepancy will almost certainly be much larger than anyone might imagine. I would be willing to bet two to one that it would show that Trump actually had the largest landslide in American history or at least since FDR.

The thing about this polling technique is that it truly is unassailable. Especially when you find that not a single one of the major metroplexes yields a contravening result. Now we know that even with an irrefutable poll, nothing will happen other than the people involved in the poll will have child porn planted on their computer, they will be arrested and held without bail for years, and then be sentenced to life terms in jail for ‘insurrection’, if not murdered in jail. But if you really want to prove the election was stolen, it really is that simple. And the fact that this poll was never done isn’t because our side is stupid, it is because ‘our’ side is a false flag operation of the other side.