Many of the volunteers, seeking to “scrutinize” Michigan’s election process in the aftermath of two controversial ballot proposals, melted away after Democratic AG warned of law enforcement response to possible “criminal acts.”

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An apparent threat by Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel to arrest and prosecute local activists promoting election integrity and anti-voter fraud efforts caused many of them to steer clear of a contentious monitoring effort out of fear of being targeted by the government, according to a Michigan attorney deeply involved in the situation.

Across Michigan on Wednesday, dozens of counties and hundreds of precincts began a recount for two controversial ballot proposals that were approved by voters on Nov. 8.

The first measure in question is Proposal 2, which establishes early voting, expands access to absentee voting and preempts Republican efforts to enact more stringent voter ID rules. The other measure is Proposal 3, which enshrines abortion rights in the state’s constitution.

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