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There is a disturbing overlap between the marketing that was used to sell masks and “vaccines” during the covid scamdemic and the push to convert society to electric vehicles (EVs) only.

We are told that in order to save the planet from “global warming” and “climate change,” all gas-powered vehicles – and now gas stoves – must go. Is there any truth to this? The answer is of course not.

Take the claimed ranges, for instance. Whatever you hear about the distance an EV can travel in one charge, cut that in half during the winter season and you have a more accurate reading. Then there’s load and towing capacity, the figures for which are also overblown.

“…in the case of electric trucks – when used to do the things trucks are expected to do, such as pull a trailer… Instead, they were only told – as in the case of Ford’s F-150 Lightning electric truck – that it could pull a 10,000-pound trailer. Which is true. Just not for long. Or rather, far,” reports Eric Peters Autos about this deception.

“Left out was the relevant fact that if they attempted to actually pull a trailer, they’d be stopping for a lengthy recharge every 80 miles or so. They were also told they could recharge at home – which is also true. As far as it goes.”

“But they were not told how very long that takes. Instead, they were led to believe they could get going again in only 30-45 minutes or so. But that is only possible by visiting so-called ‘fast’ chargers, which are not at home.”

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