• The Facts:Elite pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who is being held on charges of child sex trafficking was found injured in his jail cell with bruises around his neck.
  • Reflect On:Are there powerful people sending him a message? He must have a lot of information that could bring a lot of people in power down. Reflect on the people involved in this type of activity, and the implications of these disclosures and what it means.

Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who is currently being held in jail on charges of sex trafficking of children, was apparently found unconscious and injured in his cell after a supposed suicide attempt. Other news outlets are reporting that it’s unknown whether it was an injury sustained from other inmates, or self-inflicted. He was also found with bruises around his neck. According to CNN, sources supposedly told them he was beaten up and called a child predator, according to Yahoo news he has been hospitalized, and according to NBC New York, “Two sources tell News 4 that Epstein may have tried to hang himself, while a third source cautioned that the injuries were not serious and questioned if Epstein might be using it as a way to get a transfer.”

Who knows the truth with regards to his injuries, a number of possible scenarios come to mind. Perhaps the ‘beating’ was arranged on the outside by some very powerful people who are connected to Epstein, warning him not to ‘Snitch.’ Perhaps he realized his life might be coming to an end, although he’s ‘gotten off’ so many times before, you would think he would at least wait to stand trial. Or perhaps he really was just prayed upon by others. I would guess the first, given the fact that he probably has so much information and evidence on the subject he is charged with that he might have been willing to exchange it for some deal, but again, who can really say for sure.

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