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Business magnate Elon Musk concurred with conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza’s assertion that censorship on Twitter has been a one-way street that targets conservatives, but not leftists.

“We don’t hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter. Why? Because they were never kicked off in the first place. Their lies and misinformation simply escaped all scrutiny. Censorship has been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives,” D’Souza tweeted on Monday, tagging Musk.

“Correct,” Musk replied on Tuesday.

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Since purchasing the social media company, Musk has been reinstating some previously banished accounts, including the account of former President Donald Trump, who was kicked off of the platform last year during the waning days of his presidency. GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal Twitter account, which was permanently suspended in January, has also been restored.

“It is shocking how many journalists viscously [sic] attack free speech, but somehow think they’re the good guys!” Musk also tweeted on Tuesday.

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