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Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, two of the world’s wealthiest individuals, have once again engaged in a public feud, this time through a biography of Musk. In the book by Walter Isaacson, Musk branded Bezos a ‘dilettante’ in space exploration, criticizing him for not dedicating sufficient time to his space venture, Blue Origin.

In response, Bezos fired back, citing Musk’s staff, who allegedly believed that Musk ‘rarely knew as much as he claimed.’ The biography also reveals that former employees of Musk’s companies, Tesla and SpaceX, found his ideas to be ‘usually unhelpful or problematic.’

The rivalry between Musk and Bezos has spanned two decades, characterized as the ‘Billionaire’s Space Race.’ Both men share a deep passion for space, influenced by their upbringing in science fiction.

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Their feud began in 2004 when Bezos visited Musk’s SpaceX facility. However, when Musk offered unsolicited advice on running Blue Origin during Bezos’s tour, tensions escalated. This initial clash set the tone for their rivalry.

The competition intensified over the years, with disputes over NASA contracts and space tourism. Bezos achieved a milestone by launching a rocket to the edge of space in 2015, but Musk quickly followed suit with a similar feat. Their rivalry continued with jabs on social media.

The rivalry peaked in 2021 when SpaceX secured contracts with NASA for lunar missions, leading to Musk’s mocking tweet directed at Bezos.

Behind the scenes, Bezos was reportedly dismissive of Musk’s technical suggestions, while Musk considered Bezos a ‘dilettante’ lacking engineering focus.

The feud also extended beyond space exploration, as Musk criticized Bezos for his wealthy lifestyle and philanthropic endeavors, leading to a public exchange of words and even personal insults.

The ongoing feud between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, driven by their ambitions in space exploration, has deep roots dating back to 2004. It has evolved into a public spectacle with insults and criticisms exchanged through a biography by Walter Isaacson. Their competition for space dominance and contracts with NASA continues, reflecting their shared passion for space and their determination to outdo each other. However, this rivalry has also spilled into personal disagreements, including opinions on philanthropy and lifestyle choices, further fueling the feud between these two tech billionaires.