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Elon Musk laid down the law for aggressive leftists on Twitter after his son was threatened by a stalker.

Musk suspended the accounts of several prominent corporate media reporters who he accused of “doxxing” his family’s locations.

The new Twitter boss says left-wing reporters and activists have been tracking his movements and posting his locations online, which he has long argued is putting his safety at risk.

Musk had previously revealed that he’s had to boost his personal security since taking over Twitter due to the number of threats he now receives.

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However, as Slay News reported, the tech mogul revealed Wednesday that his son’s car was attacked by a stalker who believed Musk was inside.

Musk blamed those who have been doxxing his locations and dropped the hammer on Thursday.

The accounts of Ryan Mac of The New York Times, Donie O’Sullivan of CNN, Drew Harwell of The Washington Post, Matt Binder of Mashable, Micah Lee of The Intercept, Steve Herman of Voice of America, and independent journalists Aaron Rupar, Keith Olbermann, and Tony Webster had all been suspended as of Thursday evening.

“Criticizing me all day long is totally fine, but doxxing my real-time location and endangering my family is not,” Musk said.

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