Posted BY: Cristina Laila | The Gateway Pundit

Project Veritas on Tuesday night released part two of its undercover sting exposing Twitter.

Project Veritas featured Twitter Lead Client Partner Alex Martinez mocking Elon Musk and discussing the tech platform’s ideology.

“Right now, we don’t make profit. So, I’m going to say ideology, which is what led us into not being profitable,” Martinez said.

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Martinez said people shouldn’t have the right to say what they want and Twitter acts as the world’s police because they know what’s best for the planet.

“The rest of us who have been here believe in something that’s good for the planet and not to give people free speech,” Martinez said. “People don’t know how to make a rational decision If you don’t put out — correct things that are supposed to be out in the public, right?

Martinez mocked Elon Musk and said the Tesla CEO has Asperger’s: “He has Asperger’s… So he’s special. We all know that. And That’s fine. So here, no wonder he’s going to say some f***ing crazy sh*t because he’s special.”

Elon Musk responded to the latest Project Veritas undercover sting.

“Twitter exec trashing free speech & mocking people with Asperger’s …” Musk said in a tweet Tuesday night.

Elon Musk also saw the undercover video Project Veritas released Monday night of a Twitter exec bragging about censoring conservatives.

‘We are all Commie as f*ck,’ the Senior Twitter Engineer said.