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Elon Musk might not be British but he certainly has the tea, and today, it’s piping hot.

The Twitter mogul took to his social media platform on Monday to once again expose operations within the US government enforcing online censorship policies and violating the free speech rights of countless Americans.

Musk has previously leaked information about agencies such as the FBI pressuring old Twitter’s leadership to make content moderation decisions that suited the current administration(s) end goals. But this week he named a lesser-known agency—GEC, or rather, the State Department’s Global Engagement Center—and called it the “worst offender in US government censorship & media manipulation.”

Given what we know about other offenders among its ranks, those are pretty high charges.

Musk went on to call the agency a “threat to democracy” and linked to a thread with more information on their activities from independent journalist Matt Taibbi (who has broken some of the other “Twitter Files” online).

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