Posted BY: Jim Hoft

On Friday, Elon Musk officially announced Info Wars host Alex Jones will not be allowed back on Twitter.

The news broke after Musk took to Twitter and wrote, “What should Twitter do next?”.

A user on Twitter quickly responded, “bring back Alex Jones.”

Musk quickly shot back, “No.”

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Many free speech advocates on Twitter were upset about Musk’s decision and tweeted out their frustration.

On Saturday, Info Wars host Alex Jones provided a response to Elon Musk’s comment.

Jones told his audience that they shouldn’t blame Elon Musk for not restoring his Twitter account. Instead, they should show their support for Jones while they wait to see if Musk can really protect free speech.

Below is the transcript:

Elon Musk has the EU threatening him not to bring back Alex Jones and Donald Trump. He has DHS behind the scenes, with a bunch of moles inside his organization. There’s a question right now, on whether Twitter will even be able to continue on to the future because [of] all of the sabotage. So, as I said in the last month with this build up, I want to see Twitter freed overall first and to see if Musk can even get control of it, before we talk about Donald Trump or Alex Jones being brought back.

But at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter. I’ve built I’ve built our syndicated radio show and TV show that reaches tens of millions today. You’ve built it with your word of mouth, and we’re not going to sit there and hope that Elon Musk can free Twitter.

We’ve got Rumble. We’ve got Gab. We’ve got Gettr. We’ve got Telegram. We’ve got so many other great platforms, so we’re gonna continue to energize those and promote those and get those out to the world.

Just because there’s tyranny at Twitter and tyranny at Facebook and tyranny at Google and tyranny at Apple doesn’t mean we can’t build our own system. That’s the reason Joe Rogan went to Spotify when YouTube, owned by Google, was trying to censor a few years ago.

I understand why Musk did this. He’s got the ADL and the Democratic Party on him. He’s got the EU on him, trying to shut him down right now. So don’t put all your eggs in the Elon Musk basket, but support him trying to free up Twitter.

And don’t blame Musk at the end of the day because he didn’t bring me back. I’m the most controversial figure in the world because I’m the most threatening of the New World Order. So don’t expect him to bring me back [on] day one when he has first to get control of the platform before he can even think about that. But again, not to think about Musk. I can’t put my eggs in this basket.

I’m going to continue to build the real free, open platform of the people and So that’s my exclusive response to Elon Musk saying “no” to bring back Alex Jones.

My answer is that’s fine. Elon, just follow through on your promise to bring back some semblance of freedom to Twitter. Let’s see if you can actually get that done.

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