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Elon Musk isn’t playing around.

He does not have a positive opinion of the legacy media as I’ve pointed out in the past. But he especially has a low opinion of the New York Times, and he’s made that clear in the past.

But now with the new Twitter verification system, he’s demonstrating just what pond scum he thinks they are.

Musk has changed the Twitter verification system. He announced that all legacy blue check marks would go away and that organizations would have to pay $1000 to have the checkmark, and it would be $50/month for each affiliate/employee. Part of the reason for that is his disdain for folks like the New York Times and his thought that the “legacy checkmark” didn’t mean much and that folks like the NY Times weren’t more trustworthy than other outlets.

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Now, I think that’s a lot of money for smaller organizations to shell out, I think he should charge less and he could get more signing up. But certainly, one of the organizations that could front that money would be the New York Times. But they made clear that they weren’t going to do it.

“The New York Times, which has nearly 55 million followers on Twitter, said on Thursday that it would not pay for the verified badge for its institutional accounts, including @nytimes. The Times also told its journalists that it would not reimburse them for a Twitter Blue subscription, except in rare cases when it was necessary for reporting,” the article stated.

Musk had announced if they hadn’t paid by April 1, the checkmarks would start to go away. He also said that could include the NY Times if they didn’t pay for the subscription.

Then he pulled the blue checkmark for the main NY Times account. So now it looks a bit naked, its “legacy” gone.

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