“Putin is letting his nuts hang and Biden crossing his legs and getting his flash cards”

Source: Steve Watson

Americans cringed with embarrassment yet again as their so called President gave a pathetically weak performance on the international stage during a sit down meeting with Vladimir Putin, using cheat cards to remember what it was that he needed to say to the Russian leader.


Later on in the day, Biden again admitted that he has a pre approved list of reporters to call on for pre approved questions:

During the same press conference, Biden stated that “I gave [Putin] a list of…16 specific entities, 16 defined as critical infrastructure under US policy from the energy sector to our water systems:”

So, hang on, he gave Putin a list of the most prized targets and simultaneously implied that anything not on the list is fair game to be attacked?


And oh how the establishment media has suddenly changed its tune…

It’s not ‘collusion’ to cosy up to Putin anymore:

The press later asked Putin about the time Biden “looked him in the eye” and told him he had no soul. Putin zinged back a one liner:

When asked why his political opponents keep ending up dead, Putin replied that there are hundreds of Americans currently rotting in jail without access to fair trials because they oppose the current political regime.