Posted BY: Patricia McCarthy

If anything points to the extreme hypocrisy of the left, it is the left’s reaction to the new GOP-led House’s removal of Schiff, Swalwell, and the absurdly bigoted Ilhan Omar from their Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees.  Pelosi did such things routinely, and there were no tantrums by any Republicans.  There should have been some resistance, but there wasn’t.

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Republicans rarely stand up for their own.  But now that the Democrats have suffered the same consequences for far better reasons than Pelosi had to kick, for example, Marjorie Taylor Greene off any and all committees, several of them behaved so badly, so childishly, on the floor of the House that one would think they were in middle school and had never been taught how to comport oneself in official, public situations.  The “Squad” — AOC, Tlaib, Cori Bush, and Omar herself — thoroughly embarrassed themselves.  Most likely, each of them practiced her faux outrage in front of a mirror and the others.  They are embarrassments to Congress.

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