Posted BY: Anthony J. DeBlasi

I remember a boast from Carl Sagan, many years ago, that it would only be a matter of time before science would have everything about the world explained. He considered “spiritual” explanations “baloney” (his word). Countless others who consider science the one and only path to ultimate enlightenment have obviously not been living in the same world that billions of other people have been living in since the dawn of time.

As for Sagan’s prediction, it is a conviction of many since the Age of Reason.  Has the time of the ultimate enlightenment arrived? Looking around, we can see that those scientists, theologians, philosophers, and think-tank experts in every major field have not all come to the same conclusion. Far from it, in fact, everyone who is not addicted to mainstream information knows. And who is able to trust experts like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and associated masters of science (and wisdom?).

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