Although the House has failed to condemn anti-Semite congresswoman Ilhan Omar, some Democrats have had enough of her anti-Israel agenda and want her out of office.

So how are they going to push her out of office? According to Breitbart, several Democrats have began searching for Democrat primary challengers in Minnesota’s fifth congressional district to remove her from office when 2020 rolls around.

It’s hard to tell if this attempt of removing her from office will be successful considering leadership in the House has made it clear that they don’t intend on condemning Omar and holding her accountable for her anti-Semitism.

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The chances of a Republican winning Minnesota’s fifth district are extremely slim considering it is a predominantly Democratic area.

Check out what Breitbart reported:

“Republicans will never win this district,” one Democrat source familiar with the effort said, pointing to the fact that the district Omar represents is rated by the Cook Political Report’s Partisan Voting Index as a D+26 district–meaning it is heavily gerrymandered to favor Democrats by 26 percent over Republicans.

This same Democrat went on to say, “Many Democrats simply are simply too afraid to say anything because Islamophobia has become the knee jerk reaction to anyone who dares criticize her,” a second Democrat told Breitbart News.

“To be labeled a racist or Islamophobe for simply calling out what we all know to be abhorrent, is not just a slippery slope, it’s deeply troubling. And it’s forcing allies out of the party. To say that Democratic leadership doesn’t know what to do would be an understatement. They are in a state of total paralysis. Ilhan rode into Congress with Ocasio-Cortez, and is, unfortunately, becoming more and more popular along with her. Omar represents a faction of the party that is, frankly, anti-intellectual. Their flirtation with religious extremism exemplifies that. A primary challenge wouldn’t just be healthy, it’s absolutely necessary. The longer Ilhan Omar remains in office, the longer we lose credibility in calling out extremism in all forms. It is a total quagmire.”

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The only hope of removing Omar from office would lie in the hands of a Democrat challenger. The same district that Omar represents was once ran by Minnesota’s attorney general Democrat Keith Ellison who cleared a way for the anti-Semite when he stepped aside to run for attorney general. Ellison has some radical views as well when it comes to extremism. Check out what Breitbart reported:

Ellison, who like Omar is a Muslim, had his own problems with connections to extremism, having written under a pseudonym in law school in a student newspaper defending Louis Farrakhan and supporting the anti-Israel Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) movement. Ellison later denounced Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and attempted to distance himself from the antisemitic leader of the Nation of Islam. And while Ellison challenged the Democratic Party’s establishment, dragging the party further left on many issues and pushing the DNC his way with a bitter race against current chair, which landed Ellison in the vice chairman slot for a time, he still got along well with many national Democrats. Ellison also avoided the matter becoming a major national scandal as has played out for Democrats over the past week plus.

Unlike Omar, Ellison was better at hiding his extreme views and was able to get along with the rest of the Democratic Party. Omar has made it very clear that she doesn’t plan on apologizing for her hurtful words considering her past and continued use of rhetoric concerning the Jewish community. Although this is awful for our country, her extreme views are creating a divide in the Democratic Party which looks to be helping Republicans for 2020.