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Good-day to all and welcome to another episode of the EPI Town Crier. For this discussion I sit down again with friend, Jon Twitchell (Host of ‘Talk With Jon’ on RBN), to discuss several issues on so many minds today. As I usually state, our discussion is anything but boring …

So let’s get down to business …

On this episode of Talk With Jon’ (RBN) we discuss three issues that are literally in our face, these being The current Baby Formula Crisis, The Ministry of Truth, and 2000 Mules, with a short delve into the Roe v. Wade issue, as well as a few other topics such as Treasonous Joe-Bob. The level of both ignorance and tyranny that this administration and its liberal minions in Congress are demonstrating on a daily basis to We The People is mind bending to the point that it must be intentional … because NOBODY could possibly be that big an idiot, never mind the entire left wing !!! But if this is the case … what is the endgame ???

And for anyone thinking this is as bad as it is going to get … that it can’t possibly get any crazier … WRONG !!!

Let’s Talk …


Main Show Talking Points:

Baby Formula Crisis

This baby formula crisis has been on the White House’s radar since February … as admitted by themselves (almost a 20% shortfall as early as then).

So what triggered this major crisis in the last week …

WIC (Women Infants & Children) Program for underprivileged and special needs families and children and infant, is where a huge amount of formula is purchased on a longtime and continuous basis.

Abbot Nutrition Company makes 80% 0f WIC formula … but was recently shut down due to contamination, forcing many (millions of) mothers to buy from other sources, quickly draining the national supply. So in essence it was the governments screw-up for allowing a baby formula (WIC) monopoly that they had no backup plan for … !!!

Also consider that the Biden Administration shipping a large volume of infant formula to the southern boarder for illegal’s infants that Biden let just walk across the boarder … Leaving American moms with no formula for their children … NOT a guess, NOT a lie, NOT fear porn … a FACT.

How much of this are you hearing on CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc…

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Don’t Piss Mothers Off !!!


Ministry of Truth

Mary Poppins wants the power to censor your tweets.

Appointed the head of what has been dubbed the Biden administration’s ‘’ previously compared free speech to “fairy dust” during testimony about social media censorship in front of the UK Parliament.

This is the same woman who spent a lot of time and effort trying to convince as many Americans as possible that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian Disinformation spread by the Trump campaign organization … REALY ??? So she did her best to hide damning facts and sway a democratic election … a Presidential election … via the mechanism of disinformation and now is in-charge of the Ministry of Truth … REALLY ???

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Several dozen state AG’s have stepped up to say … NO WAY !!! Republicans are pushing to defund this new organization, and Stalin lives again in America

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Send Mary Poppins Packing !!!


2000 Mules, Dinesh D’Souza’s 2020 election film

Geo tracking is much more accurate than the supposed fact-checkers would have you believe !!!

Using the first metric, and considering regular visits to 5 nonprofit organizations, … 2000 mules, 38 drop box visits (total), and 5 ballots deposited in each … that equals … 360,000 votes were stolen, and this comfortably gave Trump the victory in enough swing states to equal an absolute electoral college win (279 Trump – 259 Biden).

Using the second metric of 54,000 mules, 5 drop box visits, and 3 ballots deposited … over 810,000 votes were stolen, and this comfortably gave Trump the victory in the swing states and a large electoral college win (305 Trump – 233 Biden)