‘Our trial has concluded. What happens next is out of our hands.’

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Former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s epic courtroom battle challenging the signature verification process in Maricopa County drew to a conclusion Friday, leaving the fate of the case hanging in the balance.

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Lake’s attorneys argued signatures weren’t properly verified in the 2022 governor’s race, potentially allowing thousands of illegal ballots to be cast.

Catch up with coverage from the last two days:

Check out highlights from Day 3 below via tweets from people who were actively monitoring developments:

Maricopa County Election Director Reynaldo Valenzuela again took the stand Friday, providing perplexing responses that seemed to contradict facts previously established in the case. He testified Thursday that County employees had the ability to log in remotely and conduct signature verifications.

On Friday he was asked questions about a viral video showing a signature verifier blasting through the process.

Here’s that viral video:

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