Has a new political star been born?

Source: Kelen McBreen

GOP Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette made national headlines after she rocked the house during Wednesday’s Republican primary debate.

Barnette, who is an African American Army veteran, going up against the Trump-supported Dr. Mehmet Oz of television fame and hedge fund CEO David McCormick among others.

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In one of many viral clips from the debate, Barnette told the crowd the Covid pandemic should have taught us what kind of leadership is needed going forward.

The GOP senate hopeful said, “We don’t need people who are globalists in the way that they have lived their lives and rant their business.”

“And, although I think you’re a magnanimous individual, you and your corporation McCormick are a part of the WEF, the World Economic Forum… as well as you Oz. They’re both a part of the World Economic Forum. This is a very serious organization that has a mindset of pushing globalism and ESG, environmental socialist government,” she told her political opponents.

McCormick delivered a generic remark about how his background would help him “understand the global world we live in” but failed to address the World Economic Forum ties.

In the most viral moment of the evening, Barnette addressed the news that the Supreme Court may soon overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I am so very grateful that our nation is now having a very important conversation, and that is one of the most important conversations, about life,​” she told the crowd. “I am the byproduct of a rape. My mother was 11-years-old when I was conceived, my father was 21​. I was not just a lump of cells. As you can see, I’m still not just a lump of cells. My life has value.” 

Barnette continued, focusing her attack on Dr. Oz by criticizing him for allegedly diminishing the value of human life before asking if he’s changed his mind on abortion in recent years.

Dr. Oz responded by firmly stating he believes “life starts at conception.”

However, as Barnette noted, Dr. Oz made polar opposite comments in an interview just three years ago.

Asked how she’d reach out to the majority of black females who vote Democrat, Barnette joked, “Yes, it is true. I am black. I’ve been black all my life. Fact check it.”

“Listen, black people are not special little unicorns,” she explained. “We want what everybody else wants. We want good schools, we want safe streets, we want good jobs, we don’t want liquor stores on every street corner. The problem is in the Republican Party, for good or bad, we have the best story to tell. The problem is, we keep picking people who suck at telling it.”

In her closing statement, Barnette told her fellow Pennsylvanians that America is the greatest country that ever existed.

“But, like you, I believe our country is in trouble,” she added. “I believe that the country that allowed me to claw my way out of dire poverty is about to come to a close. This time you don’t have to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. I am in a statistical tie for first place, so voting for me is not throwing your vote away.”

The feisty candidate told the crowd she’s been getting rooms full of black people to switch from Democrat to Republican, that she has the support of the people in Chinatown and the Amish community.

Voters cheered with applause after her spirited remarks.

According to NewsMax, Barnette started gaining traction on Oz and McCormick after the debate