Source: Nick Arama

Now, if you’re Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), it’s got to be a tough thing.

So many embarrassments, so little time.

Let’s review a couple of the highlights that Swalwell has brought us.

There was the “Fart Heard Round the World” on a live show that had tongues wagging.

Now that’s embarrassing, although not really his fault.

That whole relationship with the Chinese spy thing, that’s a bit more than just embarrassing, that puts the country at risk when he has access to important information. Yet, despite that compromising action, he’s still on all the important committees he was on before that information came out. He was already an oxymoron on the “House Intelligence Committee.” But for folks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), apparently being compromised like that means nothing and is just cool for the committee.

You would think those two embarrassments alone would have been enough to make Swalwell slink away in shame.

But no, apparently Swalwell decided the way to deflect from prior embarrassments is to do more embarrassing things.

Such as riding shirtless on a camel in Qatar during the middle of the pandemic.

According to Business Insider, the pictures were taken earlier this year and show Swalwell and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) as well as their wives riding camels along the Persian Gulf while on a trip paid for by the US-Qatar Business Council. It cost $84,621.59, according to the NY Post.

Now, this is embarrassing all on its own because yuck, shirtless on a camel? Is he daft? But beyond that, it’s another Democrat doing his “rules for thee but not for me” bit. So while other Americans were still facing restrictions, while folks in his state were still locked down, here’s Eric yucking it up on a special-interest-paid-for jaunt. We still don’t know how much he was compromised by the Chinese spy.

So now we can ask how much he’s compromised when he gets paid-for jaunts like this? What does the Qatar trade group want? What is Swalwell expected to do for such a vacation in return? Such things are rarely done without some expectation. How many times has Swalwell preached at other people about masks or other things in relation to the pandemic? Where’s his mask here on the camel? The camel had to wear a mask but Swalwell and Gallego don’t have to. Nice to know he thinks he can do what he wants while other Californians can’t.

But rest assured, it’s Eric Swalwell — a tool, but not the sharpest tool in the draw. We will no doubt have more embarrassment coming from him in the future.