Source:  Mac Slavo

Editor’s Commentary: This is the “vaccines.” One can argue that there’s no evidence of this, but the rise in heart attacks among the vaccinated who have spike proteins now floating around in their system cannot be ignored. There are likely other factors, including much less healthy eating habits the nation seems to have adopted since the pandemic started, but it’s hard to dismiss a correlation between higher vaccination rates and higher rates of cardiac arrests.

In recent weeks I’ve received more and more emails telling me that I’m making claims without proof. This is partially true. The “proof” is so hard to come by nowadays, not because it isn’t out there but because it’s being suppressed as quickly as it becomes available. We have to be at least a little speculative and use common sense. I’m not a fan of jumping to conclusions, but I’d rather err on the side of the speculative in this situation because if we sit around and wait for the hard evidence, we’ll be waiting forever.

Nobody is going to do a study that could tie the Covid “vaccines” to the increase in heart attacks. All we can do is look at the statistics and make reasonable assumptions. The states with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest increase in heart attacks. That’s a red flag, but unfortunately nobody will investigate it further. If making the connection and assuming a likelihood of a correlation means I’m jumping the gun, so be it.

Here’s Mac Slavo at SHTF Plan:

Emergency rooms across the United States are filling up with people suffering from major health issues, unlike during the height of the “pandemic” when hospitals were empty and devoid of any human life.

The scene being painted is in stark contrast to where emergency departments were at the start of the pandemic. Except for initial hot spots like New York City, in spring 2020 many ERs across the country were often eerily empty. And even in New York City, despite KHN‘s claims, the hospitals were empty.

COVID isn’t overwhelming the health system either.  Patients are showing up to the ER sicker than before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care. The mainstream media is blaming it on people putting off care during the hoax academic to avoid getting the common cold they relabeled COVID-19. 

Could it be something else though? Could it be:

A report by NRP even stated that the problem isn’t COVID patients. Bloomberg Quint has reported that even though 80% of Coloradoans have been “vaccinated,” the hospitals are still overrun. But the governor claims it’s those pesky “unvaccinated” people filling up the hospitals.

Colorado’s governor Jared Polis said that the only way to relive the hospitals, is of course, for the 20% who continue to refuse the shots to take them.

“This is particularly tragic now because it’s essentially entirely preventable,” Polis said. The state may soon ask the Federal Emergency Management Agency to augment stretched hospital staffing, he said, in addition to employing the crisis standards that set guidelines for rationing care, he said.  Colorado has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country as the governor begins to talk of rationing care.

Is this just a coincidence?