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Liberalism is proving to be effective at one thing: driving people into red states with a new poll showing that more than a quarter of New Yorkers intend to flee their state soon.

And Florida, under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, is arguably the most popular destination for them.

As The Blaze reported, Siena College released a poll last month revealing 27% of New Yorkers intend to leave the state within the next five years.

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Don Levy, polling director at the Siena College Research Institute, noted, “These are high numbers. These are take your breath away numbers.”

To Levy’s point:

  • 49% of New Yorkers said they don’t feel safe from crime
  • 40% replied that New York is not a good place to raise children
  • 60% were not completely sold on whether New York is a good place to retire, while 31% said the want to spend their golden years elsewhere.

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