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Ten key lessons should have been learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the perceived failures and deceit of government actions and medical recommendations. The author strongly asserts that intelligent individuals should recognize these lessons to navigate COVID 2.0 with greater awareness and autonomy.

The government’s handling of the pandemic suggests that COVID orders are not intended to benefit the people and that compliance with tyranny only leads to further restrictions. They also dismiss the effectiveness of N95 masks, social distancing, and vaccines in preventing COVID transmission.

Furthermore, the article suggests that hospitals were financially incentivized to exaggerate COVID deaths and that COVID vaccines don’t prevent infections or transmission, claiming that these vaccines are part of a larger depopulation agenda. The globalists with a depopulation agenda influence the World Health Organization (WHO), and the government intentionally disrupts the food supply chain.

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Intelligent individuals should resist blindly following government mandates and propaganda, asserting that those who refuse to believe the lies and comply with tyranny will be the ones to survive the ongoing crisis.

The distrust of government actions, vaccine efficacy, and broader intentions behind the pandemic response. Readers should reject mainstream narratives and adopt a skeptical approach, emphasizing the importance of independent thinking and non-compliance with perceived tyranny.