Demands Musk hires more censors.

Posted BY: Reclaim The Net

European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, has demanded that Elon Musk increase the number of Twitter censors in the European Union.

Since Musk took over the social media company, he has fired about half of the workforce.

Breton issued a warning, saying that Europe, “will not have a trembling hand” and that Musk “knows the European position perfectly.”

“He is in the process of reducing a certain number of moderators, but he will have to increase them in Europe,” Breton said in an interview with Franceinfo. “He will have to open his algorithms. We will have control, we will have access, people will no longer be able to say [just] anything.” He added, “hate speech is over.”

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Breton said he had suggested establishing a “working relationship” with Twitter’s new owner to discuss what Europe demands of the social media platform.

“He knows perfectly well what the conditions are for Twitter to continue operating in Europe,” Breton said.

Shortly after Musk took over the platform, Breton warned that Twitter will have to “fly by our rules.