Posted BY: Ed Sherdlu

Less than half of American families paid any income tax last year. But those who did have a right to expect the money we fork over to Uncle Fed will do at least some good for us. Of course, we all realize a trillion or two disappears into the DC swamp. But learning we sent more than a billion dollars to Taliban-run Afghanistan, whose favorite song on the radio is “Death to America, Cha, Cha, Cha,” does raise the hackles somewhat. Even worse, the Biden government has illegally decreed that we poor American working stiffs should never know where that money went once it arrived in Kabul.

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It may surprise you to know there is actually a government agency tasked with tracking where our money goes after we give it to our sworn enemies, such as the Taliban. That agency is called SIGAR. (No, that’s not a misspelling of Bill Clinton’s favorite toy.) SIGAR is the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. SIGAR is tasked under the law to conduct and supervise audits and investigations of programs that you and I pay for to help rebuild Afghanistan.

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