Posted BY: Fred T

Gnomish former bad mayor and current disastrous transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, who has been the face of exactly zilch as the transportation czar for an administration absolutely RIDDLED with transportation issues, put on an incredible ingrate display when appearing as a bottom-of-the-barrel guest on Chris Wallace’s latest failing interview show.

You’d think the little guy would be falling all over himself to endorse The Ancient One, considering his absentee do-nothing turn at transportation has only been possible thanks to cover given by the absentee-brained Biden and his vacant VP.

But nope, he couldn’t be bothered to just say Biden should run again. Like just “oh he should but I don’t know what his plan is” wouldn’t have hurt him at all. And he still couldn’t bring himself to do it!

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The race to NOT endorse Joe Biden in 2024 is currently a dead heat between literally everyone currently alive. Quite the nail biter!