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The possibility NATO and Russia are moving from a proxy war in Ukraine to a shooting war is growing closer thanks to troop build-ups, nuclear escalation, and a bigger and bolder NATO alliance, and now a massive leak of sensitive Pentagon documents could throw fuel on that fire.

Among the leaked documents, which were confirmed by the Pentagon to be genuine and “sensitive” in nature, one of them is a “Daily Update” on NATO troops working on the ground in Ukraine (pictured above). Those troops come from the United States (14), Great Britain (50), France (15), Latvia (17), and the Netherlands (1), numbering 97 in all.

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In a breaking news story at Fox News, the Biden administration called those U.S. troops a “small U.S. military presence” and insisted they are working with U.S. Embassy staff in Kyiv that is monitoring the flow of weapons being sent there by the U.S.

Those troops are “not fighting on the battlefield,” spokesman John Kirby told Fox News.

That claim is muddled because those tip-of-the-spear troops are trained to work behind enemy lines, and to train allied soldiers for combat, though they could be tasked with protecting embassy staff in the war-torn country as Kirby claimed.

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