Yesterday we wrote on The Georgia Record that unknown armed individuals saying they were from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office entered polling stations in Georgia in an intimidating manner and disturbed polling staff during special election runoffs for the GA state legislature.

From sourcing yesterday:

About 35 minutes ago two armed representatives from SOS walked in. Dressed in black utility clothes. Huge belts at their waist. Glocks. Their demeanor resembled rental cops. No indication of disciplined training. Man and a woman. Woman not physically fit. The poll manager has never seen anyone in that role so must be new. The man had embellished sense of authority. They went in and casually examined the scanners. They said our poll was randomly selected. Precinct supervisor has never seen armed reps fròm SOS. I went to the parking lot and there was not a car with govt tags. No car that looked official. A staffer said she never has seen those type of reps. They were not friendly and did not greet or shake hands with the poll manager. I suspect they are not on state payroll .. not employees but hired by SOS from a private firm to mildly intimidate and send a message. If I learn more I will let you know.

They basically walked in on their own authority and started looking at and talking about the scanners where votes are actually cast.

Just discussed with poll manager. He thinks SOS has hired his own police force. The question is why?

We now have more information from a source.

Someone at SOS confirmed the existence of the gun toters to my district supervisor but he hasn’t been able to learn which division. The Cobb elections board is seeking that information.

According to my District Supervisor the gun toters produced ID that said SOS and Capital Hill Georgia. Capital Hill Georgia is an unknown.

So we now have evidence that the Capital Hill Police may be coordinating with the GA SoS to intimidate voters in Georgia inside the polling stations.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been public about expanding the Capital Hill Police into other states.