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  • Dr. Quintin Bostic, Content Manager, The Teaching Lab: “I would say I’m a good salesman, but I’m also an evil salesman.”
  • Dr. Bostic: Teaching Critical Race Theory is “still banned in schools” in Georgia.
  • Dr. Bostic: “If you don’t say the words ‘Critical Race Theory,’ you can technically teach it.”
  • Dr. Bostic: Framing the curriculum as DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] “is more accepted than, like, anti-racist education or Critical Race Theory.”
  • Dr. Bostic: “They [Georgia State Government] have no clue [what is in my curriculum] and I’m like, ‘This is great! This is good!’”
  • Dr. Bostic: “He [Governor Kemp] is, like, such an idiot. Like, his wife does a lot of stuff on education here [in Georgia] … I would get nailed” if Governor Kemp’s wife found all of this out.
  • Dr. Bostic: “If they come and take my business license…I can keep consulting.”
  • Dr. Bostic: The goal is “to get the kids to influence their parents to make the [ideological] shift too.”
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