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Former DNC chairwoman and ABC contributor Donna Brazile has raised concerns about the unwavering support former President Trump continues to enjoy among conservatives despite facing four criminal indictments. She expressed astonishment at the strength of Trump’s political movement, remarking that she has never witnessed anything quite like it.

During an ABC’s This Week appearance, Brazile highlighted Trump’s ability to rally support even in the face of adversity. She mentioned his fundraising success, particularly the $10 million raised using an unflattering mug shot, as a testament to the enthusiasm of his movement. In her view, traditional political strategies won’t suffice to counter Trump’s appeal and energize his base. She emphasized the need for unconventional tactics to challenge him effectively in the 2024 elections.

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Brazile cautioned against underestimating Trump’s movement and urged Democrats to acknowledge its potency. Recent polling data indicates that Trump’s popularity has grown, especially following the release of his mugshot by the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. National polls even suggest that Trump would outperform President Biden in a hypothetical matchup by several points.

The increasing support for Trump and the potential challenges it poses for Democrats has left many within the party concerned. Brazile noted that attempts to tarnish Trump’s reputation with criminal indictments appear to be backfiring. As the political landscape continues to evolve, it is evident that Trump’s influence remains formidable, making it imperative for Democrats to devise innovative strategies to navigate this complex political landscape effectively.