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There’s a massive amount of irony in the news today, and it starts here:

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According to media reports, when that person was an FBI agent he spent time investigating alleged Trump ties to Russia. Via the New York Post:

A former top FBI agent in New York who investigated the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia in 2016 has been charged with money laundering and violating US sanctions for trying to help Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska evade the penalties, the Justice Department said on Monday.

Charles McGonigal, the former FBI special agent in charge of counterintelligence in the New York Field Office, was arrested on Saturday along with Sergey Shestakov, a court interpreter who also worked for Deripaska.
McGonigal, who also served as the cyber-counterintelligence section chief in Washington, was one of the first FBI agents to learn that a Trump campaign official claimed that the Russians had “dirt” on ​then-Democratic presidential candidate ​Hillary Clinton​, which triggered the investigation that continued into Donald Trump’s presidency.​

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