Learn how you can protect your family in case of an emergency

Posted BY: Kristi Leigh TV | Banned.video

Doctor Syed Haider has over 10 years of experience as an internal medicine trained hospital doctor.

Since December 2020, he has treated thousands of COVID-19 patients around the country by providing easy online access to off-label prescriptions.

In this interview with Kristi Leigh TV, Dr. Haider explains why people need to stock up on medicines to prepare for a societal collapse.


China has captured over 97 percent of the US market for antibiotics and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Haider explains, “We no longer have control over this vital infrastructure. With the backdrop of war and runaway inflation, it’s easy to imagine an America with huge price increases for vital medications or worse completely bare pharmacy shelves.”

Since the pandemic, we have seen unprecedented disruptions to our supply chains.

“Prepping” was once considered a fringe ideology and now has become mainstream as citizens are preparing for the worst. Everyone is stocking food, but what about medicine?

Dr. Haider offers advice on what you should make sure you have on hand and where to get it.

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Visit mygotodoc.com to explore the options, including antibiotics to keep on hand for common infections: pneumonia, sinusitis, strep throat, and to treat bioterror threats with 30% or higher death rates including pathogens like anthrax, plague and tularemia.