Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

Newsmax host Greg Kelly has revealed the upcoming release of an “audio tape” that purportedly contains irrefutable evidence of corruption by US President Joe Biden. The tape’s content is so damaging that it could lead to Biden’s withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race and possibly force him to resign. Kelly disclosed the tape’s existence, citing insider information, and stated that it has caused concern within the White House.

According to Kelly, the tape’s release is expected to occur between Labor Day and Halloween, ruling out an immediate reveal. He stressed the gravity of the video, claiming that once it becomes public, Biden will be left with two options: withdrawing from the presidential race or, at best, remaining as president but with significant damage to his credibility.

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Despite Biden’s previous controversial statements caught on video, such as discussing influencing the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son’s business dealings, Kelly suggests that the forthcoming tape might present new evidence or conversations that expose further wrongdoing. Speculation arises over whether the tape could feature Biden participating in a pay-for-play scheme with Hunter Biden’s business contacts.

While the specifics of the tape’s contents remain undisclosed, Kelly’s remarks suggest that the White House is aware of its potential impact. However, until the video is released, its actual contents and implications remain subject to debate and skepticism. Whether this revelation will live up to the claims and significantly impact Biden’s political future is yet to be seen.