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A bombshell new email obtained by JustTheNews reveals damning new details about the lengths that former acting CIA Director Mike Morell went to in order to help Joe Biden in the 2020 election. The email, sent by former CIA Director Mike Morrell to Obama-Era CIA Chief John Brennan, shows an effort to create pushback against Donald Trump before the 2020 election.

In 2020, 51 intelligence agents signed a letter stating that the Hunter Biden laptop story was disinformation and potentially part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Now, this newly released email shows more details about how the letter was orchestrated. Specifically, one of the intended purposes of the letter was to give Biden “talking points” during the 2020 debates against President Donald Trump.

According to John Solomon, “This is the ultimate proof that what went out on that letter was a political dirty trick coordinated with the Biden campaign.” Solomon continued, “A man with a security clearance, a man with the title of CIA director, knew that he wasn’t creating an intelligence product, American civic duty with 51 people. He was trying to create a political moment.”


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It remains to be seen if Congress has obtained this letter, but regardless, it’s a clear indictment of the partisan politics that have infected the intelligence community.

As Solomon noted, “This is a very important piece” and one that should be thoroughly investigated. It is a sad day when those who are tasked with protecting our nation’s security are instead using their positions to influence elections.